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Ensuring your car insurance provides the right protection

Friday 13th August 2010

No one wants something bad – such as theft or damage – to happen to their modified ride. But if the unfortunate does happen, then the last thing you want is to find out you’re not adequately covered by your car insurance company.

It’s funny how some modifiers see car insurance companies as big, evil ogres that should be avoided at all costs. But the notion that insurance and modified cars don’t mix is well wide of the mark. I think the stigma came about because many traditional insurers freak out the moment they find out your ride is modified. This in turn has led to many modifiers developing an ‘it won’t happen to me’ philosophy, believing they don’t need to tell their insurer about their modifications as they are safe drivers that won’t get involved in an accident.

While you may indeed be a safe driver, those around you on the road may not be. A couple of years ago, a close friend of mine took the risk of not telling his insurer about the wheels, coilovers and body-kit he had on his WRX, fearing that his modifications would make his premium more expensive. Although he was certainly a safe driver (as are most enthusiasts as we take care of our pride and joy!), he was caught out when a van did a sudden illegal U-turn in front of him. The van wasn’t insured, and my friend’s insurer did not accept his claim because of his un-disclosed modifications. The other driver couldn’t afford the repair bill, and my friend had to endure a long court battle. He won the case, but due to the financial situation of the other driver he only receives a small payment each week. And that’s hardly what you need when you have a bent car in the garage.

Just Car is an insurance provider that specialises in modified cars and insuring young drivers. Most of us here at Just Car are diehard enthusiasts just like you, so we’ve developed policies that ensure people like us are properly covered. That’s why every single one of our comprehensive car insurance policies comes with an agreed value, for ultimate piece of mind.

Some insurers don’t offer agreed value, while many others that do will charge you extra to get it. We issue all of our comprehensive customers with agreed value policies, period. Having an agreed value means that if – knock on wood – your car is written-off because of accident damage or theft, Just Car will cover you for the full amount that was agreed when you started that period of cover (obviously less any excesses and the like). Because you get the agreed value in writing, you’re safe knowing that your car and all of its mods are covered.

Just Car considers a number of logical pricing factors when it offers you an agreed value for your car. For example, the current Australian market value of your car forms the basis, before the number, and type, of modifications you have are factored in. Obviously another great thing about having an agreed value is that if the market price of your car drops during your period of cover, you’re still insured for the agreed amount!

There’s little point in insuring your car if you haven’t disclosed its modifications. Some insurance companies can deny your whole claim just because you didn’t tell them about a couple of mods – certainly a scary thought for any modifier. It pays, quite literally, to choose an insurance company that doesn’t view you as a liability just because you like cars and want to personalise yours. Just Car will cover almost every road legal modification, so there’s no reason to be afraid when it comes to telling us what mods you’ve done. We cover a whole array of modified cars, including many with engine swaps, suspension mods and brake upgrades. If I had an EG Civic with a B18C motor, ITR brakes and Zeal coilovers, I know I’d want it to be properly insured - including all of its modifications - rather than just as a standard Civic!

Trevor, Just Car Insurance

Because I work for Just Car, here’s the legal bit I need to tell you about – Just Car Insurance Agency Pty Ltd (Just Car) is an authorised representative of Australian Associated Motor Insurers Ltd (AAMI – AFSL 238173), who is the issuer of the insurance. In writing this piece, I haven’t taken into account your specific needs or financial situation, so before contacting Just Car, you should read our PDS for the Just Car product you’re interested in – view a copy online at Just Car Insurance or call us on 13 13 26 for a free copy.

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