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Repair Policy Guidelines

Manufacturer’s Standard New Car Warranty

New Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) parts will be used except for the replacement of windscreens and window glass for which Australian Design Rule compliant parts may be used. If parts can be repaired successfully, repairs will be authorised during the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Outside Manufacturer’s Standard New Car Warranty

We will use parts that are consistent with its age and condition. This may include New, Non-OEM, OEM equivalent and/or recycled parts.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Just Car Insurance will only accept R134A as a replacement for the refrigerant gas R12 in air conditioning units for vehicles pre-1993 requiring retrofit. Any additional cost incurred as a result of retrofit modifications will be the responsibility of the customer and our assessor will discuss this with the customer.

Just Car Insurance will authorise the replacement of the receiver drier if the system is broken at the scene of the accident or is exposed for more than ten minutes during the repair process.

LP Gas Repair

All removals of, and/or repairs to LPG systems are to be carried out by an authorised LPG agent.

Safety Related Parts

Replacement safety related parts must be new parts or parts reconditioned by a recognised supplier whose work is accepted by the motor trade.

Reconditioned parts must be only those where reconditioning of those parts is common practice and accepted by the motor trade.

Fuel Tanks

All fuel tanks are to be supplied new original equipment, or recycled where they can be tested and approved by a suitable approved outlet.

Road Wheels Repairs

Only new parts will be used in the replacement of steel and alloy road wheels. Recycled replacement steel wheels are acceptable in cases where they can be inspected and tested by an approved company (eg. one of the leading tyre chains). Minor repairs to steel wheels can be carried out by an approved company. Alloy wheels are not to be repaired or welded, with the exception of surface scratches, which can be repaired and re-lacquered.

Car tyres

Only new tyres are to be supplied. Retread and recycled tyres are not acceptable. If retread tyres are fitted prior to the accident refer this to our assessor, as an owner contribution may apply.

Seat Belts

Only new original equipment seat belts are to be used. Our assessor will determine when a seat belt is to be replaced. Seat belts are not to be repaired nor should they be replaced with recycled parts.

Compliance Labels

If the car is fitted with a compliance label or car security label, and that label is damaged in an accident or in your proper repair of the car, we ask that you make all reasonable enquiries to obtain a replacement label. If a replacement cannot be sourced, please let Just Car Insurance know.

Sectionalised Repairs

Just Car Insurance will not authorise or accept the ‘cut and shut' repair method. For example, where the complete front or rear section is replaced by joining the vehicle through the passenger compartment.

Sections which are acceptable are those such as radiator support panel, centre pillar/sill section assembly, rear quarter panel/rear panel section etc. If any doubt arises please refer to our assessor.

Contracts Repairs

Under no circumstances will contract repairs be authorised by Just Car Insurance. A contract repair is when the repair price is set with no additional cost allowed.