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Competitive Quoting System

Just Car Insurance is committed to delivering the highest standards in customer service. When a customer makes a claim for repairs we meet this commitment by providing cost-effective, high quality and timely repairs.

We do this through our competitive quoting system, choosing the Repairer who has submitted the most complete and competitive quote and arranging the repairs for our customer. Just Car Insurance provides a lifetime guarantee on all repairs we authorise, and our assessors are all qualified motor vehicle repair tradespeople.

How the Competitive Quoting System Works

Just Car Insurance operates under a competitive quoting model for the majority of its repairs. Ordinarily this means we obtain two independent, competitive quotes from Repairers, with at least one of these quotes being obtained from a Repairer recommended by Just Car Insurance. Should a customer wish to obtain a quote from a Repairer of their choice we are happy to consider that quote, and authorise repairs should it be the most complete and competitive.

We have outlined key aspects of our assessing practices, to ensure our competitive quoting system is fair and transparent, and to provide you with a clear understanding of what you can expect when quoting for Just Car Insurance.

When quoting for Just Car Insurance you should refer to our Repair Policy Guidelines. You should not submit a quote if for any reason after inspecting the vehicle you do not believe you have the equipment, or expertise, to carry out the repairs properly.

Should a problem arise in your dealings with us you should in the first instance raise this with our local Assessing Operations Manager. Refer also to Repair Guarantees and Responsibilities and Dispute Resolution for Repairers for further details.

Quote Adjustments

While operating under a competitive quoting model, Just Car Insurance retains the right to make adjustments to the more competitive quote where appropriate. In all cases such adjustment will be made through a process of negotiation with the Repairer and will not be unreasonable or arbitrary.

The Just Car Insurance assessor may determine adjustments are required for a number of reasons including changes to repair method, the use of recycled parts or identification of non-consistent damage.

Adjustments may also be required where the assessor considers a cost component of the quote to be unreasonable. This will be done through a process of fair and transparent negotiation with the Repairer. Petty adjustments would be considered inappropriate.

Any repair method changes, or price adjustments, will be based on the knowledge and expertise of our assessor, rather than on any component of the unsuccessful quote, and will be made in consultation with the Repairer.

To ensure the fairness of the competitive quoting system the unsuccessful Repairer will not be given a further opportunity to adjust to a lower figure to win the repair of the vehicle.

Requirements for an Additional Quote

Just Car Insurance’s competitive quoting model is based on obtaining two complete and competitive quotes. However, there are circumstances where the assessor may determine it is necessary to obtain an additional quote.

These include situations where it is considered:

  • The quotes have not been independently written
  • The quotes are excessive or uncompetitive
  • The quotes do not accurately reflect the damage sustained to the vehicle
  • The Repairers are not suitably equipped, or do not have the expertise, to carry out the repairs
  • A quote has not been obtained from an Just Car Insurance recommended Repairer as requested


Incomplete quotes

Where two competitive quotes have been submitted, but where one quote has missed obvious damage that has been included on the other quote, that quote will generally be considered incomplete, and as such disregarded.

However under certain circumstances our assessor may make some additions to the incomplete quote to reflect what is required to properly repair the vehicle. Such additions will not extend to major changes in repair method or significant cost adjustments.

Just Car Insurance makes every effort to ensure the integrity of our quoting process is not undermined by Repairers deliberately submitting incomplete quotes, and then requesting supplementary authorities for damage that was obvious at the time of initial assessment.

Supplementary Authorities

Just Car Insurance recognises that despite the best efforts of the Repairer and our assessor to include all aspects of the repair in the initial assessment, there may be instances where further damage is subsequently identified.

Just Car Insurance will therefore authorise legitimate supplementary payments, without penalty to the Repairer, though we reserve the right to inspect the additional damage prior to authorisation of any supplementary.